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Vortex South Opens Tts Doors in SOBO

With a fusion of cuisines from many different regions of the world, Vortex is a resto-bar serving a selection of vegetarian delicacies, with an outlook which has never been witnessed by our city.  Keeping in mind, the progressive and well informed society of Mumbai, Vortex South has worked closely with celebrity chef Gautam Mehrishi to develop a menu, which blends seamlessly with the modern outlook and approach of the brand.  

Anita Hasnandani & Rohit Reddy @ Vortex Launch

Vortex is a brilliant option, for everyone who is looking for an evening of fancy drinks and want their taste buds to tingle. Combine this with their upbeat music and state of the art laser projections, and you will walk out, wanting to walk back in.  The launch of Vortex South was witnessed by many renowned faces of the Television industry. Nia Sharma was one of the first to join Ali Merchant followed by Nandish Sandhu with friends Rohit Khurana and Vishal Karwal. Rohit Roy joined in with wife Mansi Joshi and other couples seen at the do were Ravi Dubey with Sargun Mehta and Anita Hasnandani with Rohit Reddy. Srishty Rode was seen walking in with Manish Naggdev. Socialites like Mohhammed Morani was spotted with celebrities like singer Roop Kumar Rathod, Rapper Ramji Gulati, Anu Smruthi, Rizwan, Jinesh Joshi, Micckie Dudaaney, Sonali Raut and more. With a crisp interior design, which is easy on the eye; the whole place is designed around the thought, ṭhat “everyone is connected”.

Sonali Raut

Design theme comprises of Cellulo-Organic shapes, represented with contemporary colors, materials and textures, and contemporary, but warm light sculptors, connoting an un-assuming, friendly and stylishly laid-back ambiance. Fostering an overall experience of Connection, Comfort and Good vibes. The space can sit 150 people and a total of 300 people sitting and standing. Vortex will have a specifically designed vegetarian cuisine which will feature on fresh and locally sourced ingredients. Its inspiration is from around the globe in terms of flavors, cooking and presentation styles. With lot of imagination, keeping it simple and profound with flavors. Talking about the food, Chef Gautam Mehrishi says, “Vegetarian has always been my strong point; because of the diversity in ingredients.

Mansi Joshi & Rohit Roy

I have been exposed to, in terms of produce from the farm or the global availability exposure due to travel. Therefore, the entire gamut of grains, pulses, Super grains, vegetables and greens in their true form has been the inspiration for the menu at Vortex South.” The Food menu is very vast and there is something for everyone. The menu comprises of fusion vegetarian dishes with an international outlook and a very sophisticated presentation. Celebrity Chef Gautam Mehrishi has included his best work and dishes in the menu which will please your palate with its eclectic taste and burst of flavors with most unique dishes you will find in any city restaurant. The must try special dishes are the Dutchy Burger with maple cream cheese, Kremushroom with cream, cheese and Fennel, Kung Pao silky Tofu, Lemon grass tofu, Sally’s inspiration,

Anu Smruthi

The Cheddar babies, Butter garlic rice, and lots of other fun dishes to keep you going. The Bar at Vortex South is one of the most unique and experimented bar in the city. A special section of vodka on the rocks called as infusions on the rocks.  The alcohol here is infused with different fruits, spices like apple, grape, plum, orange, lime, cucumber, pepper, star anise, other spices, etc. They also have roasted cocktails where an ingredient of the cocktail is roasted in the alcohol giving it a roasted and smoky feel. Along with that they have different types of Martinis, LIIT’s, mocktails and an entire spread of healthy mocktails. 

Manish Naggdev and Srishty Rode

The must try drinks are Pom-pom Martini, Apple and Rosemary Martini, Chocolate Martini, vodka Infused with plum and grape on the rocks, Black martini which has pepper, Healthy mocktails like Lava flow, Iced Green tea and Roasted cocktails like Roasted Colada, roasted watermelon and Basil Martini, etc. Vortex South is one place where you can mix food with adventure and if you are looking to try amazing unique drinks with a quirky twist to it in terms of bold flavors and presentation then this is the place.  “We look forward to position Vortex – South as a hip ‘n’ happening destination of SOBO; especially, a place where party loving crowd can take a short break from the hustle-bustle of their everyday routine and experience the contemporary ambience, inexpensive bites, competitively priced bar menu, energetic music alongside high class hospitality.”