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Trend Tuesday: Valentines Up Your Look

Valentines 2015 is almost here and many of you are probably planning out your way to look your best. The look you’ll create has to take on different aspects and just as much as it makes you look beautiful, it must also make you feel it from the inside! Don’t worry ladies, there is plenty of time for you to prepare and rock whatever look you’ll create.
Here’s a short guide to making sure your hair, eyeshadow, eyeliner and nail polish are on point and in sync with this Valentines romance, because you’re worth it!
Run your fingers through them, let them down or tie them up in a bun, every girl needs a good hair day on Valentines.

Deep reds are not only seductive but actually also very effective for a take-me-seriously look at work. And, of course, there’s no better colour to wear on a first date than bright red nails! To be just a little bit different from everybody else, try an ombré effect on your nails using dark-to-light shades.
Try the Essie red this Valentines with these tender-loving shades:

Valintines shades