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How to Apply Magnetic Nail polish

Skin is in and these 6 slinky shades of mesmerizing magnetic polishes by essie are winding their way into seductive wardrobes all over the world.
In addition to the quick how-to video with celebrity manicurist, Michelle Saunders, below; check out these tips on how to keep your magnetic nail game always on top.

1. Clean then prep nail with an essie base coat or treatment.
2. Shake the repstyle collection bottle vigorously. The iron in the polish is heavy and settles on the bottom of the bottle so Once you move the irons around it works like a charm!
3. Slide off the white cap top and apply 1 coat of snake it up.
4. Apply a second coat of snake it up and proceed immediately to Step 5 while not letting it dry.
5. Balance the edge of the white cap top on the skin just below your cuticle, lower the magnet over the nail so it is hovering closely and hold for 5 seconds.
(Tip: Play with magnet’s orientation to create a custom look.)
6. Carefully lift the white cap top straight up, revealing the snakeskin print slithering in full effect across your nail. Let dry and shine and seal with an essie top coat.

For Video tutorial Click here

Beauty tips

8 ways to Jazz up your Nail Art Routine

Nails like all other essentials for our daily beauty doze, are now a creative and fun routine in new makeovers. Every other girl wants to have perfect nails with their new laid out dressing style for the day. Obviously not everyone is a professional at nail painting, but learning how to create new looks with the right tips and tricks can make one pretty close to being a stylist.black_and_white_nail_art_easy

For most girls every detail counts, and so nails are as essential in styling as any other part of makeover. Nails are crucially an extension of our fashion sense and they basically define a girl’s daily style routine, therefore they should be treated as carefully as we treat our hair or hands etc.

Even if its applying a simple nude color, keeping them neat and clean makes a huge difference in the presentation of your hands and simply shows that you take care of yourself.

But sometimes, just to funk up those plain old bland nail colors, nail art can come in handy to every girl. Here are some simple and fun tips that can help you make designs easily while sitting at home:

  • The first step in doing nail art is to prepare your nails for painting. So clean them properly, file them and buff your nails before applying anything on. It is also better to make sure that there is no moisture on the nails.
  • While applying the base coat, make sure it is evenly distributed over your nail and does not give a rough look. Most nail patterns look shabby because of not applying the base coat properly.
  • Working with nail polishes can be tricky because they dry rather quickly. Make sure the nail art is done at a wind free place and be quick at it.
  • Just to jazz up your look, you can always mix in a little glitter with your nail colors, or use stick on stones and studs. It will give your nails a professional and more trendy look.
  • To make sure your design lasts longer, apply a coat of clear acrylic nail enamel to help it stay firm and shiny. When your using your hands in the kitchen or someplace where your hands can get messy, make sure to wear gloves.
  • It is best to use a cotton bud to remove excessive nail polish from your hands or you can use a Q-tip.
  • You can always use clear solution tape for designing your nails. Cut the tape in whichever size or curve you want and paste it over the base coat. Color the next coat in and remove the tape carefully after the coat dries off.
  • Remember ART is always about being creative. There are no rules in developing designs for your nails. So let your imagination run wild and play with different colors. ENJOY!