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These Coffee Infused Socks Make Your Stinky Feet Smell Good

I remember when I was in school, when I get back to home and took off my shoes and socks, my feet smells horrible. They seemed like a steamy smelly chicken, yakhh!!…by the way this thing happens to lots of people who having bad sweating problem and they are compelled to be in socks and shoes all day long especially school going kids and office going people.Coffee_Infused_Socks

Feet sinking problem is with every one, it does not matter either you are James Bond or Tom Cruise. Your feet are going to stink a little funky after sweating half a day inside a pair of closed shoes even with a pair of those astonishing NBA Legends Socks on.

The Atlas Coffee Socks wanted to cure this problem by absorbing all those odors off your feet and claiming them as its own. For this they introduced amazing socks that can absorb all the stinky smell and gives you fresh odor free feet whenever you take them off.

These socks are made by Ministry of Supply; it is essentially an odor-absorbing pair of dress socks through which your feet won’t stink even after spending 16 hours in its closed cage. It allows you to come back home, take off your boots, take away your socks and then smell your feet while chilling in the lounger without having to throw up.men_socks

The Atlas Coffee Socks are made from a unique blend of cotton, cast-off polyester and carbonized coffee, with the finally providing the undergarment’s smell-absorbing powers. Besides it provides odor free feet, these socks also possess moisture control and heat management.

Moreover it is also having body mapped design that allows it to offer easy and comfortable wear for the whole day long. The Atlas Company used 3D strain analysis to envisage how our skin stretches in 3D and adjusts, so that the socks does not have to curve and extend to accommodate foot movements as usual socks do.


In these socks, the odor molecules which are largely made of carbon are powerfully attracted to the carbonized coffee. The manufacturers of these socks explain the uniqueness of the structure of these socks. The structure is kind of like a sponge with lots of surface area which allows the particles to absorb a lot of odor from our feet.

This odor absorbent concept is same as used in Brita filter to absorb impurities and give us clean and fresh water. The good point is that the odor that socks absorbs gets release during washing and returns us like fresh socks with full capacity.

Atlas has undergone through the lab tests that Ministry of supply claims showed it to be three times more efficient at engrossing smells than other regular cotton. The firm claims that these socks are sturdy and can easily passing the eight month stress-test.

They also used pressure mapping to trace those points that require added support. It is similar to technology that was used in the manufacturing of modified orthotics. This exquisite technique combines with thermal imaging that can identifies your hot spots and helps in improving ventilation. It gives hope to provide new levels of soothe that were not previously possible.

Gets Away All Horrible Smell:

Now you don’t have to worry about your twinkle toes smelling like java because in these socks manufacturers uses carbonized coffee which has been domesticated from coffee roasters and shops and then it is processed through a brilliant pharmaceutical process which removes the coffee oils and that coffee smell and is then infused into our recycled polyester yarns.

Its ventilation channels provide passages for heat and moisture to escape the bottom of the foot and out of the shoe, even when the socks are under compression, which makes them odor free. Currently, these socks come in a mid-calf length along with six designs (three of solid colors and three of striped colors).


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Five Terms to Use with Your Barber

You know how you want your hair to look, but you don’t know how to explain it and it gets frustrating because when you plan and go to the barber’s shop- you really can’t exactly explain what you want and end having a completely different hairstyle than the one you actually imagined. If something like this has happened to you, here are five terms you can tell your barber and he will understand.modern_men_hairstyle

Thinned Out:

Thinned out hairstyle helps decrease the volume and size of your hair. It is usually preferably for men who have loads of hair and can’t manage their mess with only a comb. When the barber breaks out thinning shears (which look like regular scissors but have matching sets of “teeth” with gaps between them), it allows some of the hairs to be cut short and others to remain at their full length. This way you get the look of thinned out manageable hair. It is essentially good for thick, unmanageable hair.


Sometimes it is good for you to give your hair some depth and flexibility. The best is to cut them in layered style which is usually good for thin hair. It is that sort of style when longer hair rests on top of shorter hair, and your hair appears to have some movement and depth. This style is preferably good for thin hair.


Choppy hair style is best for men who want dome texture and volume in their hair. Your hair might be thin or very fine in texture and when your hair is all different lengths, try the choppy hairstyle which gives your hair a thicker appearance. So it’s definitely good for guys who have fine or thinning hair and want to keep it short at length as well.


Razored hair sty;e is pretty popular amongst men. It gives your hair a considerable amount of thickness and edge. For this hair cut your barber uses a razor (instead of scissors) to trim the ends of your hair. Your hair will have a tapered edge (rather than a blunt, straight-cut edge), which will give them more texture and volume.


Texturized hair style for your hair is kind of like the choppy one, but only shorter. A short around the sides and back, with a classic taper (at the nape of the neck), raising the style through the top for texture and support. This style can suit any face shape and texture of hair is lovely for a good summer look.

The Classic Length:

This is predominantly for long hair and looks extremely cool and classic. Structured longer styles have increased in popularity over the last few years. With longer styles, condition hair from the ears down to nourish and hydrate your locks, as they may not be cut as frequently. This prevents build up at the roots so your hair looks in better condition. This style works best with leaner face shapes and on medium-textured, straight hair.