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Beauty Monday: Your Guide to Perfect Hair

Healthy hair directly contributes to one’s overall beauty and look. whether or not you have got short, long, straight or frizzly hair, it’s completely essential to own information of what hair product work for your hair texture and cause you to look complete, betting on the treatment your hair has undergone.

While it’s simple enough to alter the natural color of your hair or add some glamour thereto, it’s even as simple to overlook the quantity of care your hair desires, supported those changes.


Garnier, world’s leading hair care brand, proclaims that beauty is within us all. Everyone possesses their own natural beauty and everyone has the power to make that beauty shine through. The Garnier Color Naturals product line is a hair color that is enriched with Natural Olive Oil along with Color Naturals Intensity, sourced from naturally active based ingredients.
The widely used Garnier Color Naturals Ruby Red Collection in Pakistan, features hair color in 3 dynamic shades of red; Deep Red Brown (3.6), Burgundy (4.6) and Intense Red (6.66) and, it’s available at all leading retailers nationwide.


Garnier Color Naturals Ruby Red collection is geared towards women who are more open to experimenting with hair color specifically as a means to complement their wardrobe and augment their overall look. As with all Garnier Color Naturals hair products, the Ruby Red collection is sourced from natural ingredients and is enriched with natural olive oil that nourishes your hair while you color and provides 100% grey coverage.
Other shades from the Garnier Color Naturals include; Cinnamon Chocolates (5.25), Chocolate (6.34) and Brownie Chocolate (4.15). Specifically made for Pakistani hair, Garnier Color Naturals Nourishing Chocolates Collection is also enriched with natural olive oil that nourishes your hair while providing 100% grey coverage.

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