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Leaning Tower of Pisa

TowerJust like Taj Mahal and other wonders of the world leaning tower of Pisa also a wonder of the world which is situated in Italy. The tower is unique in its own way and it amazes everyone how it has been there for so many years without toppling over because the tower is not straight like many others in the world it is tilted. This is what is unusual about Tower of Pisa and attracts a huge amount of tourists to Italy every year.

Tower of PisaTower of Pisa was built has a Cathedral tower in Italy back in 1173. The tower was laid on a flawed foundation which is the cause behind its leaning. The tower was designed by Bonanno Pisano. The support that the tower had was too lose which became the reason why it started leaning.

TowerBack then the Tower of Pisa was known as a reputable work of art. It is based on Roman architecture and has 7 bell chambers. Many people have suggested correcting the lean of the Tower but that is what makes it special. It has been restored in a way that the walls were discolored and the lean was corrected from 5.9 to 3.99 degrees.

TowerThe Tower of Pisa was built 800 years ago and it is so well preserved that even today people can not only visit the tower but also visit inside. It almost looks exactly the same when it was built other than the fact that it leans 3.9 instead of 5.99 now.

Leaning_TowerIt is not that difficult to get to Pisa at all since it has its own airport and many European countries can fly to that airport and some of the American airlines too. There is also a hotel over there where you can stay which has a view to the Tower of Pisa, the hotels are expensive their because of the tourist attraction.

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