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Grow Great Vegetables Anywhere

vegetablesIf you don’t have a yard, or the one that is paved. If your soil is of questionable quality or absolutely not tillable. If you don’t have a proper irrigation system built in for gardening purposes or you live on the 11th floor of multi story building,…. Don’t you ever think that it’s time to say goodbye to farm fresh home grown veggies and your gardening passion. You can grow great vegetables just anywhere, and out of almost nothing!

Following are a few gardening tips that might be an answer to all of your queries about growing vegetables.

Veggies Can Be Grown In Containers:

Our gardening tips to save your expense and fatigue suggest you to go for containers if you want to grow vegetables in a space efficient way. Empty wooden boxes, old buckets, shipping crates, discarded kiddy pools, bicycle or car tires and any kind of bottomed or bottomless containers filled up with a soil mix can serve you the best.

Explore your store room, and you would immediately get several such options to use for growing veggies. Your store would automatically be de cluttered and you would get a dandy garden of your own in return. While selecting containers for growing vegetables, another among gardening tips is to make sure that it is at least 8 inches deep. Moreover drill or cut out a few holes in the bottom so that the excess water drains out.

Veggies Can Be Grown In Plastic Bags:

If you don’t even get empty containers or waste tires, you can even go without them. You can even use the plastic bags in which you have just brought your soil mix to grow great vegetables. All you need to do is to make a few holes in the bottom of this bag and start planting. Believe it or not but growing vegetables just anywhere is actually this easy!

Growing vegetables in plastic bags is a common practice among gardeners. Following are a few projects of growing vegetables in bags that you can try at your place without much hassle.

Growing Potatoes:

Potatoes grow very well both in containers and plastic bags. Rather it’s much easier to manage them in containers than in the usual garden. The procedure is very easy. Take a container, or just the plastic bag you have used to bring your soil mix home. Cut out a few holes in the bottom and plant two small organic potatoes inside the soil. Water the soil to keep it moist but the most useful gardening tips is to avoid soggy soil. Don’t water the plant too much. Place a tray underneath the bag so that your floor doesn’t get stained. Place the plant where you want. Your crop would be ready without any mess.

Growing Tomatoes:

Tomatoes are another crop that is very handy to manage within the containers. You grow them in the same way as potatoes, but you use tomatoes seedlings for growing. Moreover you need to remain a bit temperature conscious and place the plant indoor if the night temperature drops to freezing cold.

Growing Salad Green:

Salad green lettuce is something you can grow just anywhere. Lay the soil bag on one of its flat sides and poke drainage holes all over the top. Flip it over. Smooth the bag into an even layer, and use a sharp knife or scissors to cut out a rectangle about two thirds the size of the top of the bag. Your container is ready to plant lettuce, radish, spinach or other seeds in the exposed area of soil. Water and grow just like potatoes and enjoy eating farm fresh green salads grown at your own garden.

Growing vegetables anywhere should no more be a problem for you after reading out theses gardening tips.

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