21 Female Celebrities Reveal Weight

Most women aren’t keen to step on a scale, as there’s a perception that there’s a “perfect weight,” and if you’re not that size, you’re somehow less desirable. For female celebrities, the scrutiny and criticism can be very intense if they gain too much weight or are seen in a photo taken from an unflattering angle. But while few women will admit their actual weight, the following celebrities have done just that.


Kylie And Kendall Jenner Rock Revealing Looks At The AMAs

Kendall and Kylie Jenner were the last to arrive on the red carpet at the 2015 American Music Awards on Sunday night – and these stylish sisters didn’t disappoint.


Lady Gaga’s Weirdest Outfits!

Pop sensation Lady Gaga recently stated “A girl’s got to use what she’s given, and I’m not going to make a guy  drool the way a Britney video does.


Stars Flock to the Tidal X 1020 Concert

Beyonce took the plunge in a sexy purples dress as she smoldered for the cameras at the TIDAL X: 1020 charity concert in Brooklyn, on Oct. 20, 2015.


Sizzling Emilia Clarke Moments That Show Why She Deserves the Sexiest Woman Alive

She and among the best bad asses inside the Seven Kingdoms play but actor Emilia Clarke is simply as ferocious in real life. This week – year old star was called the Sexiest Woman Alive by Esquire, so we’re looking back at a few of the beautiful appearances that present why she definitely deserves the title.


Celebrities Made Famous by Their Body Parts

Whether it’s Kim Kardashian‘s famous rear-end, Cara Delevingne‘s perfect brows, or Kate Upton‘s gravity-defying boobs, there’s no denying that some stars possess one highly defining and, usually, perfect-physical trait that adds to their level of fame.

Kate Upton’s Cleavage


This 22-year old model obviously has killer curves, but her size 12DD really takes the cake. Surprisingly, Upton has said she wishes her breasts were smaller.

Actresses fashion events

Cannes 2015: Katrina Kaif Walks Red Carpet in Oscar de la Renta

The fashion parade at Cannes kicked off last evening and actress Katrina Kaif walked the red carpet at the opening ceremony in black lace Oscar de la Renta.

Actresses Fashion Models

Mehwish Hayat

Model Mehwish Hayat is a young talented model turned actress from Pakistan. She was born in Lahore on January 6, 1983. Her mother Rukhsar was an actress too, and Mehwish grew up seeing her acts. She got the acting inspiration and fascination from her mother.

In her childhood, she did a few commercials, along with participating in media activities. It was later at the age of 14, when Actress Mehwish Hayat’s Aunt, Sakina Samoon casted her in her serial “Wajood-e-Laraib”. This serial was a breakthrough in the life of Actress Mehwish Hayat and after its success there was no looking back for her.


She is relatively new in showbiz industry but due to her brilliant acting skills and attractive looks, she gets the attention of every one.

Modeling Career:

Mehwish initially started off as a model, and her stunning looks quickly took her to the forefront of the industry. Her brown eyes, tall height, and charismatic face beauty became her lucky charm to get entry into the modeling world.


Model Mehwish Hayat is not only recognized in Pakistan but she has got an international fame as well. She didn’t achieve success overnight, but as a result of constant struggle and hard work. Model Mehwish Hayat participated in several fashion ramps, editorial magazines, and fashion shoots to make a name in Pakistan’s modeling industry.

Model Mehwish Hayat touched every genre of fashion and showbiz industry which takes years to get access but she has made it in just couple of years. As a model, she has appeared in TV commercials and billboard campaigns for some of the biggest brands including Habib Oil, Coca Cola, Peek Freen’s (Sooper and Chocolate & Lemon Sandwich Biscuits),TANG Juice, Gul-Ahmed, Colgate Toothpaste, Olper’s Milk, Brite Total, Dawlance Cooking Microwave and Dettol Soap etc. Model Mehwish Hayat is still recognized as one of most top talented models of Pakistan.


Acting Career:

Model Mehwish Hayat’s success after making a name in Pakistan’s modeling industry, made her to step into drama industry to prove her acting skills in front of her fans and audience and to get recognition by the name of an Actress Mehwish Hayat.

Though her acting instincts were inherited, but Mehwish left no stone unturned to make her best in achieving her desired place. Actress Mehwish Hayat has acted in several plays. The most popular plays which took her fame to another level are Aakhri Saans, Gulaabi Sarhi and Aulaad.

From glamorous to whimsical, from women centric roles to real life reality characters, Actress Mehwish Hayat has been super sensational and highly convincing in her delivery of expressions, feelings and in full avatar of the assigned character.

Actress Mehwish Hayat has been extremely careful and choosy in her selection of a role, she performs. This shows her deep interest and focus on content’s originality and productivity of the character she choose.

Actress Mehwish Hayat’s other work in drama industry includes Bichernay Se Pehlay, Kaisay Kahoon, Tere Liye, Shehre-Dil Key Darwazay, Chaar Chaand, Lerkiyan Muhallay Ki, Thodi Si Khushiyan, Aakhri Barish, Sotayli, Thori Si Wafa Chahiye, Chand Pe Dastak, Kaun Jaanay Kia Hona Hai, Bahu Rani and Mirat-ul-Uroos etc. In such a short period, Actress Mehwish Hayat has made a name in both fields of modeling and acting, and now people know her as a Model & Actress Mehwish Hayat.


Universal Recognition:

Model Mehwish Hayat is not only famous nationally but internationally as well. She has been voted the ninth sexiest Asian woman in the world, by UK’s prestigious Eastern Eye magazine in their annual list of the year 2008 and also 2009. This is due to Model Mehwish Hayat’s part of the “Yeh Hum Nahi”, Anti-Terrorism Campaign, representing Pakistani youth all around the world through its commercials & interviews, condemning terrorism, and putting the right image of her country and its people in the eyes of the whole world.

Be it a Model Mehwish Hayat, or an Actress Mehwish Hayat, it is sure that people strongly admire her skills and talent, and she is considered as the most favorite personality nowadays.

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Kelly Brook Never Wears Make-up to the Beach

Kelly Brook, the busty brunette, who recently got engaged to former Gladiator David McIntosh, prefers to opt for a casual look when she soaks up the sunshine by the sea. She said: “I never wear much make-up on the beach as your skin needs to breathe. I prefer to be more relaxed, which means no heels, no make-up, no jewellery. Just a great-fitting bikini from my new collection, a Panama hat, loose hair and off I go.”kelly_brook_on_the_beach

Kelly doesn’t put herself through an intense regime before bikini season but admits she is careful about what she eats. She added to Britain’s HELLO! magazine: “I think every girl does (amp up their health and fitness regime); I just try and eat well and work out when I can. “I don’t over think it though, I’m getting older so my body is changing. I embrace my figure and don’t deprive myself.”

Source: Designerzcentral


Jim Carrey-The Hilarious Actor

Jim Carrey imagesThe most famous comedy actor of today’s world is non-other than Jim Carry. Jim’s family was not very well off but he worked hard in show business and made his way to one of the highly paid actors.

Jim Carry is a 49 years old actor born on 17th January 1962 in Ontario. Jim Carry has three siblings Pat, John and Rita with whom he spent his early life in New market town which is at the north of Toronto. Jim Carry was son of Percy who used to play sax. But Percy sold his dream and got job as an accountant. He was not a successful man. His father in law used to call him as a loser. Jim Carry’s mother was Kathleen who was a patient of depression and was often ill.

Jim Carry is a very social person since his childhood. Jim studied TV shows and was fond of acting and writing poems. When he was very young he insisted his teachers in school so much that they had to agree on giving 10 minute slot to Jim Carry at the end of school for his performance. At age of 10 he wrote a book of poems and tried to get it published and also sent his resume to Carol Burnett show producers. Since childhood Jim had potential to be annoying. He even used to sleep with his tap shoes on in case his parents might need to be cheering up at night.

When Jim Carry was 16 years old he was dropped out of college. He tried to make his way to show business. Jim first debut was in Yuk Yuk’s comedy in which he wore yellow dress which was made by her mother Kathleen. After that Jim started working as celebrity impersonation at many clubs. Then he made his way to Los Angeles. There he impressed Rodney Dangerfield and won an opening act.

Many people have pointed fingers on the acting skills of actors like Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise but nobody has ever doubted acting skills of Jim Carrey. Jim Carrey’s skills of acting are marvelous. It is quite difficult to underestimate the work Jim has done in Hollywood. Acting he has done and the role he has played can never be played even by world famous actors. He has one of his own styles which cannot be copied.

Ace Ventura- Pet detective and The Mask were the movies which made Jim Carry famous in 1994. Jim had worked in many movies before that but they were not very much famous. Then in 1995 Jim got a role in batman forever and its second part of Ace Ventura: When nature calls. In 1996 he acted in cable guy and got $20 million which was highest ever paid to any comic actor at that time. After this his luck started shining and Jim became famous and gave many hit movies like Me, Myself and Irene and How the Grinch stole Christmas.

It is very difficult to find anyone who is not aware of hilarious acting by Jim Carry, Jim has big name in Hollywood now. You like Jim Carry or not, still you cannot ignore him.