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Bridal dresses colors suits best with skin tones

One season that is lavishly celebrated is the wedding season where not only does the bride go all out in the preparation but also most of her closely related family. However much as people wreck their minds on the preparations. Especially the bride, on keeping a proper skin care, a good diet and weight watch. It is equally important for the bride to select bridal dresses colors that suits best with skin tones. At times I have noticed that very pretty girls also end up wearing attires that end up looking bad with their skin tones. Just a little mistake can make you look bad on your big day.  A thing to bring to your consideration while selecting a bridal dress is to bear in mind in which season you are getting married and what your skin tone is like in that particular season. Because some people get tan easily in spring while they glow in winters becoming red. This can affect your dress color a lot more than you think it does.


Therefore it is necessary to select bridal dresses colors that suits best with your skin tones so that they compliment your ensemble rather than make you look what you’re not. Just a little mistake here and there can make disasters.

Here are certain bridal dresses colors that go along with certain skin tones:

1. For Fair skin tones:  people with fair skin tones usually are pretty over confident about the fact that whatever color they will put on will look good on them. However it is far from the fact because also skin tones have a certain color that is described as their color because it enhances their beauty. Therefore if you have an ivory skin tones then shades of yellow suit you best. Traditional bright colors make you look washed out in pictures. Pastels work pretty well to.  Light brown colors , crème colors , ivory colors and oyster colors look good on fair skin tone brides.

2. Medium shade or Tan: If your skin tone is a medium tone and tans fast then look for wedding dresses with a creamier undertone. This will enhance your skin tone more and make you look fresh and glowly as opposed to other shades that you admire. Remember people look good in certain colors and to know those colors is essential.

3. Darker Skin tones: people with dark skin tones have a wide variety of options to choose from. Their skin tones are bit flexible that way. Almost all the colors compliment their skin tones. The only thing the bride needs to know is how to carry herself well in the attire. Dark skin tone brides look best in shades of pink. These compliment the skin tones really well.

4. Yellow or pale complexion : this complexion can look bad with bright colors however people with this skin tone are just in luck to wear white or champagne. A much wanted bridal dress color, because it suits people with pale or yellow skin tones.
Remember there is no such thing that there should be a one color bridal dress. Certain mix and match colors bring out the best in you and make you look stunning. Therefore don’t restrict yourself to a single color tone. 

Keep your location in mind of the wedding venue while selecting a bridal dress too. It is basically an amalgam of quiet a few things that makes things worthwhile and gives the entire look and makes your pictures turn out well.  I personally think it’s not the dress itself but all the colors put together well that gives the look and make a wedding look awesome.

Much as important a wedding is, it is crucial to select bridal dresses that suit your skin tones. These few tips and known combinations work as a gem for the brides. This is a tried and tested formula for bridal dresses and their skin tones.


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