Birthday Special: 7 Unknown Facts About Nargis Fakhri

1) Her roots

She was born on 1st October 1979, to a Pakistani father and a Czech mother in Queens. She obviously got the best genes of the lot!

2) Nargis was teased because of her name!

Nargis grew up with a lot of Spanish people around her who would call her “Nalgas”, which means butt-cheeks in Spanish! Though she says that she likes the fact that her name is really unique, she never used her surname when she was modelling. 

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3) She had never seen Bollywood films before!

Nargis was a complete stranger to Hindi films, despite her father being a big movie buff. She says that it was partly the reason why she agreed to do Rockstar as she had no previous perceptions regarding Bollywood. Smart move, girl!

4) She’s got a strong stomach!

She has eaten a lot of crazy stuff like chocolate covered ants, alligators, frogs, snails etc. And that, my friends, is why you shouldn’t let young kids watch Bear Grylls unsupervised!

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5) Her ‘Picture-Perfect’ relationship

At 25, Nargis met a boy at the club, and they fell deeply in love after 6 months of dating. She says that it was an absolutely picture-perfect relationship and that he was about to propose. But that’s when Nargis decided to call it off because she believed that there was so much more to do. She believes that it is only because she ended the relationship that she chanced upon Bollywood.

6) She never plans to get married!

As stated above, Nargis has no plans to settle down because she wants to achieve a lot more things before getting married. Hear that, Uday?

Nargis Fakhri

7) Her Hollywood Debut

It’s safe to say that Nargis has now graduated to Hollywood with her recent release ‘Spy’, where she plays a small role. The best part about her performance is that she also got do a stunt sequence alongside Melissa McCarthy!