Burberry beauty in Shanghai

Cara_Delevingne_has_her_make_up_applied_backstageBurberryCara Delevingne flew across the catwalk to help launch Burberry in Shanghai last week and we’ve already taken a look at the event, and drooled over Paloma Faith’s stylish look, now we move onto the beauty.Suki_Waterhouse_backstage_at_Burberry beauty artistic consultant Wendy Rowe created the beauty look that was inspired by the Bloomsbury girl, referencing the free-spirited, hand-painted mood of the ready-to-wear collection that was shown in Shanghai, but first introduced at the Burberry Prorsum Womenswear Autumn/Winter 2014 show in London.

The look is natural and fuss free to ensure that beauty shines through and focus is kept on the stunning designs of the clothing. It’s a look we’ll be trialling all summer with a care free attitude and now you can get the look too.

Eyes are painted with a wash of damson and aubergine to reflect the artist’s brush stroked. Rose pink is blended softly underneath the eye to emphasizes the natural depth and lashes are left bare, with naturally groomed brows.

Skin has a satin matte finish with a hint of freshness and lips are pink with soft definition. To complete the Bloomsbury Girls look nails are painted in a deep shade of elderberry.

Source: Designerzcentral

Kimberley Garner soaks up the Sunshine at Coachella

She’s worked hard to establish herself as a swimwear designer, and has just launched her second range. And Kimberley Garner has quickly realised that with her figure, she is the perfect model to show off the designs to perfection.Kimberley-Garner-Soaks-up-Sunshine-at-CoachellaSo when it came to packing for the Coachella festival, former Made In Chelsea star Kimberley looked no further than her workroom. The 24-year-old was seen showing off her svelte figure in a white £120 Los Angeles monokini from her collection as she soaked up the sunshine at a VIP pool party at the music and arts event.

pending time with her friend, Kimberley was first seen wearing a pair of tiny denim shorts over the one-piece, before swapping the denims for a floaty sarong. She completed her festival chic look by wearing a straw hat, sunglasses and tan cowboy boots. But the boots came off when Kimberley splashed around in a paddling pool with her friend, both with drinks in their hands.Kimberley-Garner-Hot

Kimberley told media recently that she started designing her second Kimberley London range close to a year ago, shortly after her debut collection – described at the time as ‘A British take on the Brazilian’ – won praise for their quality. She said: ‘I’ve wanted to design swimwear since I was 12 and it’s always been a dream of mine. I brought out a collection last year and I was amazed by the reception, so about 8 months ago I started designing the new collection.
‘I wanted it be more intricately designed, more detailed.’ Kimberley will follow up the Spring range with a Summer collection, which admits will be a more playful affair than the embellished creations – designed to embrace elegance, freedom and fun’ – she models here.

She said: ‘I’ve got a summer collection coming out that’s a bit more cheeky, but this one’s elegant. I wanted to focus on flattering the woman’s body, a bit like the little black dress where you put it on and you feel like a million dollars.’

Source: Designerzcentral

Men let Women Pick Their Clothes

Men-let-WomenMen let women pick their clothes because women are naturally more fashion conscious than their counterpart men. According to the latest survey, it has been observed that the mostly Men let women pick their clothes because men believe that what is liked by women would probably suit them and would be according to the modern fashion scheme. .

In a survey of 2000 women by an online retailer, it is found that the average man is careless towards his clothing and shopping and is dependent on the female partner to like something for him. It can be inferred that, directly or indirectly, Men let women pick their clothes because naturally they are more comfortable with that and are less inclined to buy new and different things for themselves. The same poll said that if men were to allow to buy themselves new clothes they would bought old and routine wears instead of fashionable clothes that’s why women are force to intervene and ultimately men let women pick their clothes.

Let us analyze why men let women pick their clothes. And what are the probable reasons because of which men let women pick their clothes without any ego-issues.

Women are more conscious of the appearance of their male partner

Men let women pick their clothes because they believe that women have better sense of fashion and whatever the choice of women is, it would be looking nice to them. It has been observed that females always intervene in dressing ups of her male members just because they feel that their partners should look smart that’s why their men let women pick their clothes. Women’s consciousness and concern is one of the basic reasons because of which men let women pick their clothes.

Women are concerned with looks and men with the costs

It is observed that the men are concerned with the cost and are less interested in fashion. However, women are always willing to pay high prices for the sake of fashion that’s why men let women pick their clothes. Mostly women remarked that they are forced to intervene in the clothing of her male member because males are less concerned with the modern clothing. When argued with men, men easily give up and Men let women pick their clothes while shopping. Latest surveys also proved that the mostly men let the women pick their clothes because they admit the supremacy of the women in the field of fashion.

Women liked clothes enhance love in relationship

Another important aspect because of which Men let women pick their clothes is that men are more inclined towards keeping their relationship. Men feel that when they dress up according to the choice of their female partner relationship would be strengthened and enhanced. Men let women pick their clothes because they want to be in line with the mind of their female partner and women feel proud when they feel that their male member is dressed up according to her wishes and modern fashion trends. Men let the women pick their clothes because it would a probable key to heart of women.To give strength to their relationship, men let women pick their clothes.

5 Tips for Buying the Right Suit

suit-lg Suit ClothEveryone needs a good suit, and if you follow these rules, you’ll be able to find your own Avoid bargains Know your likes, your dislikes, and what you need it for (work, funerals, court). Squeeze the fabric — if it bounces back with little or no sign of wrinkling, that means it’s good, sturdy material. And tug the buttons gently. If they feel loose or wobbly, that means they’re probably coming off sooner rather than later. The jacket’s shoulder pads are supposed to square with your shoulders; if they droop off or leave dents in the cloth, the jacket’s too big. The jacket sleeves should never meet the wrist any lower than the base of the thumb — if they do, ask to go down a size. Always get fitted.

Suit ClothWhat to Look for in Suit Cloth:

Nicholas Antongiavanni, author of The Suit: A Machiavellian Approach to Men’s Style, offers a short primer:


Suits are made of wool. Mostly. At the upper end, you see wool blended with cashmere. You might even see 100 percent cashmere. For hot weather, linen and cotton and silk are available, but most suits are still made of wool. Stick with that.

Fineness: It’s usually reflected in the so-called “super number.” You know, “super 150′s” and the like. Two things: First, the super number denotes the fineness of the individual fibers. The higher the number, the thinner the fabric and the smoother and silkier the cloth. Second, wool gets rarer the finer it is, so very high supers — 180′s and above — are expensive. But that doesn’t make them better, necessarily. They can be wrinkle-prone, and they show signs of wear — such as shininess — early.


Take a bunch of the cloth and squeeze it. Does it bounce back to life quickly, with little to no visible wrinkling? Does it feel like there’s something to it, some structure — what tailors call “guts”? That’s a good sign. It’s nearly ineffable, but play around with cloth long enough and you’ll come to know it.


What you will see on most store racks is plain weave or worsted (the smooth, tightly woven stuff) — basic business cloth. But there’s more to cloth than worsted. The most common alternatives are flannel (spongy, fuzzy stuff) and tweed. Flannel is a classic cool-weather cloth. And we all know what tweed is.